Four Ways Tiger King Joe Exotic and Donald Trump Are Exactly the Same: A Daily Show Breakdown [Video]

After bingeing the sensationalistic Netflix docuseries over the weekend, Trevor Noah has come up with the four main reasons Joe Exotic is every bit as presidential as Donald Trump.

Well, we all know what Trevor Noah did over the weekend. He continued to soak up Donald Trump coronavirus response news while also soaking up Netflix’s docuseries sensation “Tiger King,” and then he conflated the two for the Monday edition of his “Daily Social Distancing Show.”

After bingeing all seven episodes this weekend I’ve realized a couple things,” Noah said. “One, this is what happens when white people have no black friends. And two, Joe Exotic is not only one of the weirdest people you will ever meet in your life, he could also be president of the United States.

“The Daily Show” host broke down the comparisons between the commander-in-chief and the incarcerated former exotic big cat zookeeper (we left off so many adjectives to describe Joe Exotic) into four main points, concluding that Joe Exotic has all of the tools that are apparently necessary to become the president.

So long as our barometer for a successful president is Donald Trump, that is.

“One thing you notice about Joe Exotic is he makes everything about him,” Noah said. “It’s all about me, which apparently is very presidential.”

He then showed a series of clips of Trump in recent weeks touting the ratings of his daily coronavirus ratings, reports that he wants his signature on relief checks and even saying that governors need to be nice to him if they want help from the federal government.

Noah easily broke down all of those arguments, pointing out that COVID-19 information might have something to do with why people are tuning in, that Trump had nothing to do with the details of that relief package so he has no right to take credit for it, and finally … courtesy is not necessary in a crisis. Just do what needs to be done!

The second point of comparison was, as Noah put it, “Joe Exotic is the most disorganized person you will ever meet, and when it comes to coronavirus, Trump is exactly the same.”

In this case, he meant more Trump’s shifting stance on the virus, dating back to dismissing it early on, resisting invoking the Defense Production Act before doing it, shooting to open the country by Easter before shutting it down through April. “Trump is flip-flopping so much that if the Olympics weren’t canceled, he’d be competing against Simone Biles,” Noah joked.

His third major point was that Joe Exotic “sees conspiracies everywhere” — and Carole Baskin behind most of them. As for Trump, he cited examples like Trump saying that hospitals are hoarding supplies, demanding more than they need so they can hoard them.

Trump even wondered why they would suddenly need more ventilators than what they normally have, as if momentarily forgetting that there was a public health crisis.

“It’s the same way I’ve noticed that sometimes people on the streets have way more umbrellas and then sometimes nobody has an umbrella,” Noah mused. “Something isn’t adding up here–”

But the biggest and most profound comparison to the two men, and the one that seals Noah’s support of Joe Exotic for president is that he “loves portraying himself as an expert in his field when the truth is he has no idea what he’s talking about. He’s just winging it.”

Honestly, there are so many examples of Trump speaking off the cuff and getting his facts wrong, from touting vaccines that don’t exist to dangerous alternate medicines, to incorrect statistics on infection rates, international infection rates. The list goes on and on, which is why Trump corrections has become a regular feature of most news organizations.

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