Former Co-Stars Say Drake Got Everyone Together for His 'Degrassi' Reunion in Just One Week [Video]

Drake’s new video for “I’m Upset” is the ‘Degrassi’ reunion we never knew we needed.

While the fact that he managed to do it is impressive, the fact he rounded up almost the entire cast in just about a week makes the reunion all the more special

via TMZ:   

Shane Kippel and Ephraim Ellis — who played Drake’s best friend and fateful shooter on the show, respectively — tell us Drizzy’s new treatment for “I’m Upset” was literally shot this past weekend, and that they’d only gotten a heads-up mere days before that.

That’s pretty crazy, considering Drake dropped the video Wednesday night … less than a week after filming. In fact, Ephraim says he got an email about the production last Tuesday.

Sounds like it’s been a while since everyone from Degrassi Community School has had a chance to fully get together too … especially when it comes to seeing their beloved Jimmy. Shane says he hasn’t seen the dude in 5 years … and it’s been WAY longer for Ephraim.

Yeah, we’re not upset about this at all.

Check out the video below.

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