Florida Landscapers Handle Disgusting Racist Karen Attack Like Pros [Video]

“Have a blessed day ma’am!”

UPDATE 8/3/2020 3:54 PM
She was arrested.

A separate video (with some added homophobic bile this time) shot by a neighbor shows the woman being hauled away by police… and she seems to hate them too:

ORIGINAL STORY 8/3/2020 11:17 AM
The Queen of Karens has been found — and so too has the most patient team of landscapers ever.

Yet another incredible video of a vitriolic racist attack has emerged online, but it is how this one was handled that really makes it stand out.

While the 3.5 minute Instagram video, shot in Orlando, does not show what led up to the outburst, it appears the woman was upset over the noise of the work the crew were carrying out — and she did not hold back her opinions.

Screaming “You f–king bitch” a difficult-to-count number of times at the uniformed crew — from A Cut Above The Rest landscapers — they just smile and tell the camera: “This is the kind of shit we go through man.”

“We ain’t even doing nothing, we’re out here working in 94 degrees!” one laments, also smiling.

She continues to yell abuse, but one simply calls back: “Have a blessed day ma’am!”

Infuriated that her barbs don’t seem to be having an effect, she charges forward to get face to face, before adding a heavy dose of racism to her diatribe.

“F–k you you f–king n—-r bitch!” she screams.

Backing away to a safe distance, the worker laments “I knew it was coming… I ain’t even all the way Black, I’m Puerto Rican man!”

But that, alas, only gets him labeled a “f–king Puerto Rican bitch” instead.

As the crew respectfully pack up their tools and prepare to move on, a resident approaches and asks her to calm down, but he just gets an earful for his efforts too.

“You just keep on repeating the same thing,” he chuckles before backing off as well.

She can still be heard demanding the neighbor “kick her ass” as the crew pull away in their truck.

“I love you, God loves you,” one of the landscapers calls out to her as she storms after the truck, still hurling abuse; he even offers some departing caring advice: “You’re going to pass out in the sun! You gotta go into your house!”

“And stop winking at me!”

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