First Look: Kim Kardashian is Finally Showing, Reveals Baby Bump Headed to the Gym [Photo]

*EXCLUSIVE* Kim Kardashian reveals her baby bump!

Woah, mama! Kim Kardashian is pregnant…and showing…finally.

The 32-year-old was wearing spandex pants, a tight T-shirt and an open hoodie. Photographers were able to capture a shot of her growing belly as she walked in the parking lot texting on her phone.

Kardashian, whose baby bump is finally showing at four months along, is reportedly sticking to a workout regimen to stay healthy during the pregnancy.

“She’s been doing amazing,” celebrity fitness guru Tracy Anderson told Us Weekly about Kardashian’s pre-baby workouts. “She’s doing it with caution and she’s listening to her body; she’s not overdoing anything. [She’s] such a great example — I’m so proud of her.”

Kris Jenner revealed Kim has already been having some unusual pregnancy cravings, like frosted cookies from BJs, Chinese chicken salads and artichokes.

I really hope Kim and Kanye document this pregnancy on a reality show. I bet a pregnant Kim is hilarious!

via Huffington Post

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