Fat Joe Responds To Criticism About Anti-Asian Remarks He Made In A Song [Photos]

Fat Joe gave Benny the Butcher a vintage verse on “Talkin’ Back” from Benny’s latest effort, The Plugs I Met 2. While the bars twisted heads, Joe ended up calling COVID-19 the Wuhan Virus in the verse.

via: Uproxx

Fat Joe found himself in a bit of controversy following a verse he did on Benny The Butcher’s new project, The Plugs I Met 2. On a song titled “Talkin’ Back,” the rapper said, “Track me in and out of court, Harvey Weinstein / Threw that white up in the pot, gave ’em pipe dreams / And watch it spread like the Wuhan virus / Do ’em dirty for the low like Wu-Tang ’Sirus.”

In the less than two days that passed since the song’s release, a number of listeners have hopped on Twitter to share their displeasures with the song. On Sunday, Fat Joe explained the verse in a tweet.

“I’ll adress the Benny verse i did that verse a year ago when the news was calling it the wuhan virus before they called it COVID i support and love all my asian brothers and sisters never hate,” he said in the post. The mention of the “Wuhan virus” is a poor and insensitive coronavirus reference, and with the song dropping amid the recent rise in anti-Asian attacks, it’s no surprise that fans were not happy with Fat Joe’s verse. The Harvey Weinstein name-drop was another reason the song faced criticism as he is currently serving a 23-year sentence on sexual assault and rape charges.

You can read his response above.

Although Fat Joe’s explanation makes sense, it doesn’t forgive the mistake. Artists update songs and verses all the time. And with acts like the mass shootings targeting East Asians in Atlanta on the rise in America, fans would’ve liked Joe and his team to have screened the verse more carefully before it was released to the public.

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