Famous Dex Got Arrested During A Court Hearing For Violating A Protective Order

Famous Dex’s court hearing on Thursday didn’t go as planned, resulting in the rapper being arrested.

via: Uproxx

Famous Dex was reportedly arrested for violating an October protective order against him on domestic violence charges on Thursday, June 10, during his arraignment hearing for 19 other charges accumulated this March, according to TMZ. The Chicago-born rapper was in court to plead not guilty to 19 charges — including domestic violence and gun possession — when it was revealed he’d allegedly violated the protective order, which was put in place after another instance of domestic violence last year. Dex was taken into custody with a bond set at $200,000.

In November, Dex’s home was raided by SWAT over concerns that he’d barricaded himself inside with a TEC-9 after a neighbor reported a domestic disturbance between Dex and his girlfriend. When police arrived, they determined the woman had injuries consistent with abuse and called for backup from SWAT, who were unable to locate Dex in the house. Then, in March, he was pulled over in North Hollywood for not having a rear license plate, and searched the vehicle when he tried to escape. Police say they found a loaded firearm under the seat and arrested him on the spot.

He was later charged with 19 charges, including domestic violence, weapon possession, dissuading a victim from reporting a crime, and defacing property, from three different incidents. The restraining order against him restricted him from possession of a firearm, which is likely what led to his latest arrest, and that firearm had been defaced to remove its serial number — a felony in California. Dex faces up to 18 years in prison as a result of these charges.

Good luck young man.

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