Faith Evans and Stevie J Are Looking at a $40 Million Yacht for Their Wedding Celebration

Stevie J and Faith Evans may have saved a bunch of money by choosing to elope in Las Vegas, but VH1is about to blow a bunch to film a wedding celebration for television.

via TMZ:

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ … Faith and Stevie are serious about locking down The Vessel, a 222-foot yacht that’s really more like a cruise ship. They recently toured the $40 million craft, and loved the fact it’s got tons of space for up to 600 guests.

We’re told Faith asked about the ability to film on the yacht, which has us thinking VH1 cameras will capture the elaborate ceremony for Stevie’s reality show, “Leave It to Stevie.”

The ceremony could smooth things over with friends and family who, as we first reported, were pissed the couple didn’t give ’em a heads-up about the surprise marriage.

We’re told Faith and Stevie didn’t even discuss a budget when they toured The Vessel.

We still can’t get over the fact that they’re married.

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