Fabolous Takes a Plea Deal in Domestic Violence Case, Avoid Jail Time [Video]

Fabolous just struck a plea deal in his domestic violence case and won’t be going to jail.

via TMZ:

According to the Bergen County, NJ Court … the rapper will enter a pretrial intervention program. This is generally offered to first-time offenders. Fab’s attorney, Brian Neary, tells TMZ … the charges will be dismissed as long as he completes the program and keeps his nose clean for a year.

Neary says Fab must give the court a status update once a month. He also doesn’t need to take part in any therapy or anger management courses.

Huge … considering Fab faced up to 20 years behind bars. 

TMZ broke the story … a grand jury indicted Fabolous back in October 2018 on 1 count of domestic violence with significant bodily injury, 2 counts of threatening to kill and 1 count of possession of a weapon … a pair of scissors. 

The indictment stemmed from a physical altercation — captured on video — between Fabolous and Emily B, the mother of his 2 kids. That Fabolous scored a deal’s not surprising … considering Emily’s father — whom Fabolous also allegedly threatened — patched things up a day after the incident.

For those wondering, Fabolous and Emily B are still very much together.

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