Exclusive: Claudia Jordan Finally Finalizes & Signs 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Contract [Photo + Statement]

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After months of negotiations, Claudia Jordan has finalized her Real Housewives of Atlanta contract for this current season (season 7) which is wrapping up with the reunion being taped tomorrow.

That’s right — the peach doesn’t necessarily immediately come with the check. Not all at once, anyway.

You may have seen former housewife-turned-friend-of-the-show Porsha Williams now-deleted tweet blasting Claudia (in response to Claudia saying she should be fired) for not having her contract signed…


…and she was right (except for that isn’t a peach emoji, it’s an orange).

However, what she didn’t tell you the reason WHY Claudia’s contract hadn’t been signed.

When the ladies began filming season seven, Porsha, Claudia, and Demetria McKinney were all in the running to earn (or keep) their coveted Atlanta peach. No one knew who would make the cut, but as they say — time is money. So, all of the ladies began filming with and without official contracts being signed.

As the season progressed, it became clear that Claudia would be the newest housewife to join the cast. Once the decision had been made during filming, negotiations between Claudia and Bravo began.

After spending months going back and forth about money and exclusivity, Claudia signed the deal earlier this evening and she’s ‘very happy’ with how things played out.

In an exclusive statement to lovebscott.com, Claudia says:

“Because I already have a great job – I could afford to be patient and waited until the contract was exactly what I wanted and it paid off. I’m very happy with my deal!”

We’re not mad, get those coins girl!

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