Ex-Elmo Kevin Clash Motions to Get Underage Sex Abuse Lawsuits Dismissed


Kevin Clash is citing too much time as a reason to have all three lawsuits against him dropped.

Kevin Clash — the former voice of Elmo on “Sesame Street” — says the three men who accused him of sexually abusing them as minors have no case against him … because too much time has passed since the alleged abuse.

Clash has just filed a motion to dismiss the three lawsuits filed against him by Cecil Singleton and two other unidentified men.

According to Clash, the statute of limitations on the sexually-motivated crimes he’s accused of committing is six years — and the crimes in each instance allegedly occurred more than ten years ago.

As we reported, Clash has been sued by the three men — each of whom claims Clash engaged in sexual activity with them when they were minors, causing them mental and psychological damage.

The men claim they only recently became “aware” of the damage that was done — which is why it took them so long to sue — but Clash says that’s BS.

Clash wants the judge to toss out all three lawsuits asap.

via TMZ

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