Even Halle Berry Seems Surprised A Thriller She Made Nine Years Ago Was Number One On Netflix [Photo]

Over at Netflix, The Call is the number one movie on the service, and Halle Berry is a bit confused.

via: Uproxx

Netflix can be a strange, unpredictable place. It’s no surprise when Bridgerton’s second season scores a ton of views, but a show about cake that looks like other things? Every now and then some random movie that few paid attention to when it was released tops the charts. It happened to Michael Mann’s (excellent) Blackhat, starring Chris Hemsworth. And now it’s happened to a Halle Berry thriller from 2013, much to the surprise of Halle Berry herself.

That movie is The Call, in which the Oscar-winning actress plays a LAPD 9-1-1 operator who takes a call from a teenager (Abigail Breslin) who’s been kidnapped. It actually made some money in a very different world that didn’t ignore R-rated one-off thrillers, like people are currently doing to Michael Bay’s Ambulance. Reviews were split but some felt it was a solid genre picture that was resourceful with a simple B-movie premise (that happens to be headlined by someone who won an Academy Award just over a decade earlier).

Still, its appearance atop the Netflix Top 10, on the day it bowed on the streamer, left its own star confused.

“….so ‘The Call’ is the No. 1 movie on @netflix right now, nearly 10 years after it’s [sic] release,” Berry wrote on Twitter. “Are y’all OK?”

It’s not clear whether Berry doesn’t think much of The Call. Maybe she likes it just fine but can’t believe it’s a chart-topper. Frankly, neither can we. But in an age when most people going to multiplexes almost always see franchise fare, it’s heartening to know the masses will still give a chance to modest movies that aren’t part of some Cinematic Universe, even if it’s only when in the comfort of their own homes. Maybe the next random movie to top the Netflix charts will be [spins a wheel featuring every movie ever made] The Replacements, an underperforming football comedy starring Keanu Reeves and Gene Hackman from the year 2000.

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