Why Eva Marcille Thinks NeNe Leakes' RHOA Exit Would Be Bad for the Show

“I’d hate that,” says Eva.

They may not always see eye to eye, but Eva Marcille doesn’t want NeNe Leakes to leave “Real Housewives of Atlanta” for good.

While Leakes has teased her possible exit — giving noncommittal answers about returning and telling Wendy Williams she was “quitting” the show — her costar told Wendy on Thursday she hopes Leakes sticks around.

“I’d hate that,” said Eva when asked about NeNe’s potential goodbye. “I don’t think it would be good for the show. NeNe is great for the show. She just is. She’s beloved. It’s a reciprocated situation, everyone wins. The fans would lose if she wasn’t there. Even those that you hate, you love to hate them, you still want to see them. Even those that are not the biggest NeNe fans, you still want to be mad.”

NeNe most recently addressed exit rumors while appearing on “The Talk” last week. Saying she doesn’t “want to be in a group where I feel like everyone is attacking and being very malicious,” Leakes said she’s still “very undecided” about returning and would make a decision after the rest of the current season plays out.

While speaking with Williams, Marcille was also asked about her incredibly contentious relationship with her ex Kevin McCall, who she refers to as the “donor” for daughter Marley Rae. McCall was seeking full custody of Marley, but got in a fight with a cop while in court and fell down an escalator with a sergeant during the scuffle. His bid was thrown out.

Calling the situation “embarrassing as hell,” Eva explained that she is still in contact with Kevin’s sister, who hasn’t been in contact with McCall at all. “He’s flat crazy across the board,” she added, “he’s crazy to everyone.”

When asked if she believes he has a “mental illness” by Wendy, Eva said she “truly” believes he does. “I think it’s easy to say he’s crazy, but I was explaining to a friend, a sane person with a rational brain would not do the things that he does,” she explained, “One can only get to the bottom of the fact he cannot be rational. His brain cannot work like anyone else’s. A regular dad would not be away from their child the entire time they’ve been on this Earth. He has to be not there.”

Wendy also asked whether she thought she and her ex could ever be civil. “I pray,” she responded, “and I know god’s amazing and look at my life now.”

Marcille is currently married to Michael Sterling, with whom she shares two sons. He’s currently in the process of adopting Marley, whose last name has already officially been changed to Sterling.

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