'Empire' Producers Are Begging Eminem to Be on the Show

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Everyone and their mama is claiming they were ‘supposed to be’ on FOX’s hit Empire or is putting it into the universe that they’ll be appearing on the show’s second season.

Despite all the celebrities willing to join the cast, Empire producer Brian Grazer says that right now he’s going after Eminem and Oprah.

He told Good Morning America:

Eminem, I know, loves our show. And I produced 8 Mile. I’m going to beg him to get on our show. He and Oprah Winfrey. Somehow I’m going to get one or both of them on our show.”

Given Lee Daniels’ history with Oprah, we’re almost certain she’ll drop in for a cameo at some point. Eminem might be a little more difficult…but hopefully it works out!

[via Billboard]


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