Eddie Murphy Was Once Snowed In With Rick James In Buffalo, New York For Two Weeks [Video]

If there is anyone who has endless tales of Hollywood antics, it’s Eddie Murphy.

via: Uproxx

Eddie Murphy dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to share his habit of texting Planet of the Apes quotes to Tracy Morgan, describe Michael Jackson’s private zoo, and to reveal that he was once (delightfully) trapped with Rick James for two weeks thanks to Mother Nature.

“I went up there to record ‘Party All The Time,’” Murphy began as Kimmel laughed uproariously in the background. “It was maybe the most fun I ever had. I was supposed to go for one weekend, and we got snowed in Buffalo — sometimes it has five feet of snow — and I was stuck in Rick James’ house for two weeks, and it was one of my fondest memories.”

In perhaps Kimmel’s greatest failing, he did not drill deeper down into that story. Perhaps he noted some coolness to the way Murphy explained it that signaled he didn’t want to talk more, or maybe he simply wanted to make a cocaine joke because they were “snowed in,” but whatever the reason, he didn’t get the goods.

Therefore, someone needs to. Some brave soul needs to get the full details of what happened during that fateful fortnight and perhaps turn it into a feature film starring, let’s say, Eddie Murphy as Rick James.

Murphy, fresh off earning the Cecil B. DeMille Award, stars in You People, which is on Netflix starting January 27th.

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