Dua Lipa Slams A Newspaper Ad That Called Her ‘Antisemitic’ For Defending Palestinian Human Rights [Photos]

Dua Lipa is firing back at an organization that criticized her stance on the escalating Israel-Gaza conflict.

via: Uproxx

The conflict between Israel and Palestine is one that’s been at center stage in the news for the past few weeks. A number of celebrities have spoken out about the tensions between the two countries while expressing support for one of the respective sides. This includes Dua Lipa who, along with model sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid, took a stance in supporting Palestinian human rights in the deadly conflict. As a result, the trio’s support was recently criticized in a newspaper ad paid for by World Values Network, headed by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

It claimed the trio “accused Israel of ethnic cleansing” and “vilified the Jewish State.” An online version of the ad went even further and said they displayed “anti-Semitic bile to demonize Jewish people.” In response, Dua Lipa took to Twitter to slam the ad while doubling down on her original stance.

“I utterly reject the false and appalling allegations that were published today in the New York Times advertisement taken out by the World Values Network,” she wrote. “This is the price you pay for defending Palestinian human rights against an Israeli government whose actions in Palestine both Human Rights Watch and the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem accuse of persecution and discrimination.”

She continued, “I take this stance because I believe that everyone – Jews, Muslims and Christians – have the right to live in peace as equal citizens of a state they choose. The World Values Network are shamelessly using my name to advance their ugly campaign with falsehoods and blatant misrepresentations of who I am and what I stand for.”

Well the Israel and Palestine conflict is complicated, we reject all forms of racism.

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