Drake Placed Massive Bets On UConn To Win The National Championship, But Lost Thousands Despite Their Victory

Ahead of Monday night’s NCAA men’s basketball tournament national championship game between fourth-seeded UConn and fifth-seeded San Diego State, the Huskies received a massive vote of confidence from one of music’s biggest stars.

via: Uproxx

Yesterday (April 3), the UConn Huskies took on the San Diego State Aztecs in the national championship game and won 76-59. This is all despite the “Drake Curse,” since the rapper bet on UConn to emerge as this year’s men’s college basketball champions. Despite betting on the winning team, though, Drake still lost a few thousand dollars.

Before yesterday’s game, Drake revealed two bets he placed on the game. One bet was for UConn to win by between 6 and 10 points. He bet $250,000 for the chance to win $1.085 million. His other bet was for UConn to win by at least 11 points. On that one, he wagered $100,000 for the opportunity to take home $230,000.

Well, UConn won by 17 points, meaning Drake lost $250,000 on the first bet and won $230,000 on the second, ultimately resulting in a loss of $20,000 between the bets.

Although the curse didn’t prevail this time, when college basketball fans caught wind of Drake’s wagers before tipoff, they couldn’t help but make jokes about UConn’s inevitable-seeming loss, SD State’s gratitude for Drake’s bet, and so on.

Drake has actually had a good track record recently, though, as he correctly picked the winners of the most recent World Cup and Super Bowl.

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