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Drake Dropped from Lawsuit Against Chris Brown Over ‘No Guidance’

Drake has one less lawsuit to worry about.

Two songwriters who were suing Drake and Chris Brown for copyright infringement over “No Guidance” have now dropped Drake from the case.

The plaintiffs, Mr. Cooper and Drum’n Skillz claim “No Guidance” sounds like their 2016 song “I Love Your Dress’ and that there’s a subliminal reference to Mr. Cooper in Drake’s verse — “Flew the coop at 17, no guidance / You be stayin’ low but you know what the vibes is.”

via Uproxx:

The two stars have asked a judge to dismiss the case, but on Tuesday this week, Cooper and Drum’n Skillz (real names Braindon Cooper and Timothy Valentine) voluntarily moved to dismiss claims against Drake, leaving Brown and Sony Music as the defendants.

In their initial response to the lawsuit, Brown and Drake’s effectively said that Cooper and Valentine were too obscure for them to have ever heard their song. Meanwhile, the plaintiffs fired back, writing, “This argument – essentially that defendants are somehow immune from copyright infringement claims by individuals who are not as famous as they are – is both egotistical and without any legal basis whatsoever. Undoubtedly, regardless of their fame and status, defendants may be, and should be, held accountable for their infringement.”

The suit still must go before a judge, who will decide whether to dismiss the claim or proceed toward a jury trial.

That verse reference claim is a bit outrageous — don’t you think?

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