Doorbell Cam Catches Daylight Home Invasion as Burglar is Shot Dead [Video]

He spent 20 years thinking about the money he saw there — and 46 seconds regretting it.

This is the brazen daylight home invasion that left one burglar dead — and the other charged with his murder.

A Ring doorbell camera captured the shocking moment police say two thieves tried to rob a house in Arlington Heights in Illinois on Saturday.

The 83-second clip shows the pair, identified by police as 38-year-old Bradley J. Finnan and 58-year-old Larry D. Brodacz, approaching the residence wearing surgical masks and knocking on the front door.

One of the men even notices the camera and points it out to his accomplice; but with their faces covered thanks to the state’s coronavirus measures, neither man appears worried. Police believe they planned the heist specifically during the lockdown, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The homeowner, who was expecting landscapers, can be heard opening the door as the men exchange greetings and calmly walk into the house — before chaos ensues.

Immediately a struggle can be heard inside the house, as a woman’s voice joins in the shouting. Exactly 27 seconds later the fight spills out through the front door, as the homeowner drags one of the invaders to the ground, raining blows to his head.

He shouts for help as bewildered landscapers across the street look up to see the commotion, before the would-be burglar manages to scramble to his feet and flee down the road, falling as he does.

The homeowner then quickly runs back inside where his wife and two children are — as well as the dead second thief.

According to police, the homeowner shot and killed Brodacz with his wife’s gun.

The Cook County medical examiner’s office subsequently ruled the death a homicide. When Finnan was caught and arrested on Sunday, he was charged with felony murder as well as home invasion.

Under Illinois law, if a person is killed during a crime, any accomplice can be held responsible for their death.

According to police, Finnan said he met had Brodacz through their shared profession as car salesmen; he admitted telling the older man that he had seen $200,000 in cash in boxes at the address 20 years ago, and thought the money might still be there.

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