Don't Start None, Won't Be None! Homophobe Ends Up With a Bloody Face After Verbally Attacking a Man on a New York Bus [Video]

A homophobe got a bloody lesson in ‘minding your own business’ earlier this month after he hurled insults at a man on a bus.

via Attitude:

The victim was travelling on a New York City bus when he was targeted by the homophobe who proceeded to shout abuse at him.

From footage obtained by World Star Hip-Hop, the man can be heard saying: “You still suck dicks, though.

“I don’t give a shit… I don’t fight with little f****t asses.”

Then audio is then unidentifiable, but the two men continue their argument when suddenly the homophobe lunges forward and pins the man against the door.

However, the homophobe had no idea what he let himself in for after the victim rapidly punched him in the eye leaving him covered in blood.

The men fall upon passengers who manage to pull the two men off each other. The homophobe is then thrown off the bus where a police car is waiting for him.

You can watch the footage for yourself below.

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