Donovan Mitchell Says He Feels Zero Symptoms After Testing Positive for Coronavirus: 'That's the Scariest Part of the Virus' [Video]

Utah Jazz player Donovan Mitchell says he feels perfectly fine after testing positive for the coronavirus earlier this week.

In fact, he feels so good he says he could hit the court with no problem.

via TMZ:

As we previously reported … Spida tested positive for COVID-19 right after his teammate Rudy Gobert’s health status eventually put the entire NBA season on hold last week.

After giving a brief update on social media, the 23-year-old is detailing his past few days with “Good Morning America” — from isolation — and says he feels fully healthy.

“Got no fever, no symptoms as of right now and just blessed to be okay,” Mitchell says. “Right now, the biggest thing for me is to just stay in isolation and just keep to myself.”

“I keep making the joke when people keep asking me that if you were to tell me that I would play in a 7-game series tomorrow, I’d be ready to lace up.”

Mitchell says it took a while to “cool off” after Gobert’s positive test … but admits he’s just happy his other teammates weren’t affected.

Of course, Gobert has apologized for being so careless about COVID-19 before his diagnosis. Remember, he jokingly touched a bunch of mics and recorders during a press conference. Gobert says he now understands he needs to take the matter seriously and has donated more than $500k to relief efforts.

Watch Donovan’s update below.

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