Donald Trump Says He Got Tested for Coronavirus, Is Waiting for Results

Donald Trump finally took a test to determine whether or not he has the coronavirus.

Did you watch Friday’s press conference? The man sounded ill and it’s confirmed that he’s come in contact with at least 3 people who have tested positive for the virus.

via TMZ:

Trump took the podium Saturday in the White House Press Room and announced he took the test Friday night. Thing is … he says he took it NOT to find out if he has the virus but because the media has been on his butt to take the test. He says the results should come in soon — a couple days — but he took his temperature today and he’s not running a fever.

A reporter asked him about sending “mixed messages” by still shaking hands — something he did a lot Friday at a Rose Garden news conference. It’s a little hard to follow, because on the one hand he says he never liked shaking hands and resisted it, and on the other hand he says it’s a hard habit to break.

Even if he does have it, do we honestly expect this administration to tell us the truth?

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