Donald Trump Hid His Coronavirus Diagnosis for Days, Exposed Hundreds to the Virus [Video]

Donald Trump revealed he tested positive for the coronavirus on Thursday, but according to his doctor, Dr. Conley, Trump was actually diagnosed days earlier — before he held a fundraiser with hundreds of people.

via TMZ:

Dr. Sean Conley just said Trump’s doing “very well,” adding he does not have a fever anymore and is up and about in his hospital suite.

What Dr. Conley wouldn’t answer — if Trump has been on oxygen. He kept repeating Trump’s not on oxygen “right now,” but he repeatedly ignored reporters’ questions as to whether he was on oxygen earlier. He finally said he was not on oxygen Thursday or Friday, but he simply would not say if Trump was ever on oxygen.

There was a gaggle of doctors and nurses at the news conference, but they dodged a number of questions, including how high Trump’s temperature was.

Dr. Conley said Trump’s symptoms were mild. — nasal congestion, cough, a temperature, and lethargy. He says Trump is in his suite working, telling doctors, “I feel like I could walk out of here today.”

There are reports a source with knowledge of Trump’s health disputed the doctor’s assessment, saying his condition was far more serious and he is by no means out of the woods.

If Trump came out publicly with a coronavirus diagnosis, we know two things have happened — he’s either lying (which we doubt), or things got so serious he couldn’t hide it anymore.

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