Domino's Pizza Fires Delivery Driver for Popping Off on Kids for Not Tipping, Gives Kids $500 in Gift Cards

The Domino’s Pizza delivery driver who cussed out two kids for not tipping is now out of a job.

The kids, on the other hand, have received $500 worth of gift cards.

via TMZ:

We broke the story … the father of the 2 kids told us he let his daughter use his credit card to order some grub from Domino’s, but when she signed for it, she mistakenly left the tip line blank. When the brother handed the driver the receipt, he was pissed … and unloaded on him.

The dad tells TMZ … he called Domino’s that night and lodged a complaint … the following day both the GM and owner of that franchise called to apologize to him and his kids.

On top of that, we’re told the area supervisor and the store manager personally paid a visit to the family’s home to deliver some gift cards for their trouble — a $200 prepaid gift card for each teen, and a $100 Domino’s gift card for the fam.

Not such a happy ending for the delivery driver though … he got the ax.

The owner of the Domino’s says the decision was made after reviewing the video and investigating the incident. The owner tells us … “I am a small franchisee that is locally owned and operated, and we always strive to do what is right.”

Maybe next time he’ll think twice before he cusses at random kids.

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