Doja Cat Asks For Fans To Roast Her After She Falls On Stage During A Show And They Did Not Disappoint [Photos + Video]

If there’s anyone who knows how to make falling look slick, it’s Doja Cat.

via: Uproxx

During a show in Miami over the weekend, an enthusiastic Doja Cat headbanged a little too hard to her song “Tia Tamera” and wound up falling on the stage. She took the fall in stride, continuing to dance from her new position on the floor, and seemed uninjured, but she wasn’t about to let an opportunity to mine for comedy gold slip by. Asking her fans to provide a video of the slip, she knew exactly what would happen and seemed delighted at the prospect of another fan roast session like the one that resulted from a transcription error on her lyrics from Saweetie’s “Best Friend.”

Her fans did not disappoint, coming through with not only videos but also some colorful descriptions of her fall. One fan joked that she fell “like a pencil,” which tickled Doja’s funny bone.

Another said she could make a beat of the sound, prompting a retweet from Doja. Others just posted videos of other legendary falls to compare. And still others just shared their unique views of the off-beat moment.

If anything, Doja is a good sport.

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