Diddy Launches 'REVOLT' Music & News Television Network

I know I said I’m going to keep this site focused purely on the music, but this is pretty awesome. Diddy just announced REVOLT TV, his new television network focused on music and news powered by social media. In the days where MTV and BET rarely focus on music, I think it’s amazing that Diddy has stepped up to provide an open place for artists, both established and new to get their music heard (or seen?). Check out Diddy’s description below:

Sean “Diddy” Combs announces REVOLT, his new cable TV network. REVOLT is a revolution in music on television, a place where artists and their viewers come together and engage with technology and social media. It’s a channel where new artists can share their work in the way it was meant to be: raw, uncut, and uncensored. REVOLT was selected by Comcast to be the first music network to truly leverage the power of social media, fueling the live music dialogue and influencing the music culture for the video-centric generation.

REVOLT TV is currently only being offered by Comcast, but I have hopes the channel will be picked up by other providers in the near future. ¬†Check out Diddy’s announcement video below! For some reason, I can’t help but be really excited about this! It’s about time we brought new music back to television.

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