Diddy Has Athlete’s Foot And He Seems Pretty Proud Of His Toe Fungus, For Some Reason [Video]

Diddy is not one to shy away from putting his life on display — even when it may be too personal.

via: Uproxx

Sean “Diddy” Combs is a hip-hop mogul, an icon of music and business whose impact on the genre and pop culture at large can never be overstated. But, somehow, his social media posts tend to overshadow all that, especially when he tries to flex on us and instead winds up making himself the butt of jokes he may or may not be in on.

This time, he’s got fans wondering whether he knows what “athlete’s foot” actually is after sharing a video on Instagram bragging about having the fungus after going hard in the gym. “It’s a proud day today,” he says in the video. “I been on my three-a-day workouts and I got athlete’s foot. If you ain’t go athlete’s foot, you ain’t locked in. Look at that pretty foot. You see that? Yeah. I’ma take care of it though don’t nobody get nervous. Yeah, it’s okay. Just a little itchy, burn burn.”

Of course, athlete’s foot, known medically as tinea pedis, is actually a skin infection caused by a number of different funguses. It’s not actually related to working out, but it can most often be picked up places like locker rooms (such as at your local gym), hence the nickname. It could also be caused by wearing shoes that are too tight, not changing your socks, or even letting your toenails grow too long.

This isn’t the first time one of Diddy’s Instagram videos backfired on him. In 2021, while recounting a story meant to highlight how far he’s come, he wound up drawing skepticism from fans instead.

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