Did You Know that TV Judge Joe Brown is in JAIL? Find Out Why!


Judge Joe Brown is getting to experience what life can be like on the other side of the courtroom bench. He’s currently serving 5-days behind bars for contempt of court.

via TMZ:

Law enforcement in Shelby County, TN tell us Judge Joe will be kept away from the general population in a protective custody pod for his own safety. The kicker is he’s the only inmate in protective custody — so as king of the castle he can watch all the Judge Judy he wants!

His meals aren’t exactly 5-star, but by jail standards it’s pretty fine dining:

Breakfast Dry cereal, scrambled eggs, cajun potatoes, coffee cake, coffee

Lunch — PB&J sandwich, cookies, fruit drink 

Dinner crispy chicken patty w/ gravy, parsley noodles, carrots, garden salad, fresh baked roll,     pudding, and sweet tea

See, this would have never happened to Judge Judy.

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