Devon and Leah Still Celebrate Her Being Cancer Free After Five Years [Video]

Devon and Leah Still can finally say, after five years, that Leah is cancer free!

via TMZ:

So, how did it feel to be finally be declared cancer-free by doctors this week? We heard from the star of the day, herself!!

“I felt great and I was really happy, but I was also sad that I couldn’t celebrate it like how we usually do every year,” Leah tells us. “But, I was also very happy because my dad cooked my favorite meal.”

Now that the fight is over, the Stills say they’re hoping to help others win their battles with cancer.

“Leah’s battle with cancer is over, but our fight against cancer is not over,” Devon tells us. “We’re going to continue our foundation, the Still Strong Foundation, where we financially assist other families who are battling cancer with their household bills.”

Moving forward, Leah has BIG goals for her life ahead … telling us she’s hoping to take over the Oval Office one day.

“I have a lot of ’em, but my two main one is to become president and help the homeless. Also, become a doctor and help kids with cancer.”

As for Devon, he says his playing days are over … but he’s more than satisfied being a soccer dad!!

In the midst of all this chaos and sad news — this is a story we can’t get enough of right now. Congrats to Leah and the Still family!

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