Detroit Police Officer Caught on Video Shooting and Killing Fenced Dog on Its Own Property, Department Says It Was Justified [Video]

A police officer has been caught on camera shooting and killing a fenced-in dog on its own property after it tussled with her K-9 through a gate.

via TMZ:

This incident was captured on a home security cam somewhere in Detroit, and it shows a medium-sized white pooch on his property behind a fence, following a cop and her K-9 walking on the sidewalk … until they reach the end, and the two dogs get into it.

From the looks of the clip, it appears the cop did not have control of her dog … and its snout gets latched onto by the white one through the rails. Rather than try to pull her dog away — or literally anything else at all — the officer is seen pulling out a weapon of some sort and discharging it right in the white dog’s face.

People online are claiming she shot it with her gun, and that the dog died. Before that, however, you can see it twitching violently on the ground as other officers surround the scene. The video cuts shortly after that.

At a bare minimum, the cop is in clear violation of the leash law … the dog was on a leash, but the officer did not adequately control the animal by keeping it away from the fence.

The police department is siding with their officer. In a follow-up statement, they say the officer did nothing wrong. They say the cop was looking for a gun an armed suspect had discarded and was with her police dog that was on a leash.

Here’s where it gets tricky, according to the law the officer is required to control her dog and keep the dog away from the fence where the dog was legally on its property on the other side. She did not — and the dogs began fighting. The officer claims the only way she could stop them was to shoot the other dog.

Short story — the law required the cop to control her dog and stay away from a fence where a dog was legally on the other side — contained on its property, but she didn’t and the dogs began fighting.

Now that police are out here murdering dogs, we can expect that white people will suddenly understand the need to defund the police.

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