Desus Had The Time Of His Life On ‘The Daily Show’ While Going In On His Rival DJ Envy [Video] |

Desus Had The Time Of His Life On ‘The Daily Show’ While Going In On His Rival DJ Envy [Video]

Desus Nice has addressed the recent arrest and charging of a real estate influencer who held seminars with The Breakfast Club’s DJ Envy, with whom he’s publicly feuded in the past.

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Work is work and life is life, but it’s important to squeeze some joy out of your job, right? This week’s Daily Show guest host Desus Nice gets it. He’s two days into this high profile temp job and having a time, hanging out with his old friend AOC on night one and embracing the chance to go in on his rival, Breakfast Club host DJ Envy, on night two in a moment people have been waiting for since news broke that the radio personality might be in trouble for his alleged role in a possible house flipping ponzi scheme.

While Desus didn’t make a reunion with Kid Mero happen to break this all down (check out our interview with him for insight into why that was never going to happen this week, when Desus is getting his chance to shine solo), he definitely brings his A-Game. This isn’t a quick meal, either.

Shortly after the 3:30 mark above, Desus is savoring it, giving a cliffs notes version of his (and Mero’s) feud with DJ Envy and gently mocking his leaning on “The Lehman Brothers of hip-hop” for financial advice while summoning all his powers of restraint to avoid passing out from the irony-rich laughter. It’s great stuff unless you’re DJ Envy… who was, like the rest of us, probably waiting for Desus to enter the chat while rueing the timing. Then again, he may have more pressing matters on his mind.

Daily Show correspondent Dulcé Sloan joins near the end of the clip to double down, but the high point is Desus’ ice cold closing line: “DJ Envy’s a DJ, a man who turns tables. And now the tables have turned.” Damn. There really is nothing as inspiring as seeing someone really taking pride in and getting pure happiness from their work.

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