Desiigner Cleared of All Charges from His Drug Arrest


Desiigner has been cleared of all charges related to his drug arrest earlier this year.

via TMZ:

The D.A. moved to seal the case and dismiss the charge Tuesday in court. Sources connected with the case tell TMZ … this was a face-saving move by authorities who avoided simply dropping the charge … after previously dropping the other charges in his September arrest.

He’d initially been hit with intent to sell, menacing and possession of a loaded gun, but investigators never found a gun and the drugs turned out to be steroids — most likely prescribed to the driver of Desiigner’s SUV that night.  

Bottom line for Desiigner: his name will be fully cleared.

He wasn’t in court Tuesday. His attorneys, Ian Niles and Stacey Richman, were and told TMZ … “We’re happy he’s been exonerated … and happy with the investigation from the D.A.”

Good for him.

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