Derrick Rose Asks Rape Accuser to Turn Over Used Condoms


Derrick Rose submitted a list of demands to his rape accuser prior to her deposition — and in that list she was asked to turn over used condoms from the night she was allegedly gang raped.

via TMZ:

During preparation for a deposition in January … Rose and his attorneys submitted a request for materials related to the case. They asked the accuser for the usual stuff — texts, photos and emails. They also asked for “any and all condoms that you retained as evidence from after the alleged rape.”

You’ll recall the woman claims Rose and 2 of his friends drugged her, then got into her apartment later that night and raped her … back in August 2013. She’s suing for more than $20 million.

It’s unclear if Rose’s request is based on direct knowledge she held onto condoms that now would be well over 2 years old. It’s also unclear how they would impact the case.

Based on the docs, it’s clear the accuser produced some of the requested materials … like texts. We don’t know if she ever gave up the jimmy caps.

The more pressing question is — why would she even have the used condoms of her alleged rapists?

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