Again? Dennis Rodman Returned to Yoga Store, Allegedly Stole MORE Stuff

Dennis Rodman didn’t get enough of a thrill stealing from a yoga store earlier this week — so he went back for more.

via TMZ:

TMZ Sports spoke with the owner of VIBES Hot Yoga who tells us Rodman and his pals came back to his yoga studio on May 8 … with Rodman’s female pal WEARING one of the outfits she stole the day before. 

The owner tells us … the staffer working the register on May 8 thought Rodman’s behavior was bizarre — he was gyrating and hip-thrusting at the counter. 

Once staffers went through the surveillance footage, they noticed Rodman and his friends left with more clothing … and we’re told nobody paid a cent. 

The owner is also adamant NOBODY on his staff told Rodman and his crew they could take items as “gifts” … as Rodman claimed when TMZ Sports spoke with him Thursday evening. 

As we previously reported, Rodman and his pals first appeared at the yoga shop on May 7 — where cameras caught DR’s female friend taking clothing off the rack and stuffing it into her purse. 

One of Dennis’ pals also dropped a $2,500 crystal in the store — which they placed on a dolly and wheeled out of the store. The owner insists nobody paid for the crystal. 

A rep for the Newport Beach PD previously told us they’re investigating. So far, no arrests have been made. 

As for Rodman, he told us Thursday night (May 9) that he didn’t “steal sh*t.”

Rodman is currently on probation stemming from a 2018 DUI arrest and could go to jail if officials determine he violated the terms of his deal. 

What is Dennis going through?

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