Delicia Cordon Suggests LeSean McCoy Orchestrated the Brutal Attack that Left Her Hospitalized

Delicia Cordon, the victim in the LeSean McCoy home invasion, has lawyered up and suggested LeSean he had a significant role in the brutal incident that left her bloody and beaten.

via TMZ:

Delicia Cordon has hired attorney Tanya Mitchell Graham — who issued a statement saying Delicia was sleeping early Tuesday morning when a man entered her Georgia home and pistol whipped her. 

Graham says the assailant demanded specific items of jewelry that had been given to her by McCoy — jewelry that McCoy had previously demanded she return to him. She claims the victim also sustained injuries to her wrist when the assailant tried to rip off her bracelet. 

Graham claims before the incident, McCoy “would often suggest to Ms. Cordon that she could be robbed because the jewelry was expensive.”

Graham — who’s joined by associate attorneys Demetrius Price and Kiarra Brown — never straight-up accuses McCoy of criminal activity, but strongly implies it. 

For example, Graham claims the assailant entered the house with NO signs of forced entry. She also claims McCoy changed the security system at the house and did not give Cordon access to the new one. 

She also claims McCoy has a documented history of having other people do his dirty work for him — and references the time he allegedly ordered other people to evict her from his home in June and remove her furniture from the house. 

Graham says despite the fact Cordon and McCoy have had a relationship since 2016, he has NOT called to check in on her since the details of the violent attack went public. 

For his part, McCoy has denied any involvement and says the allegations are “baseless and offensive.”

Delicia and her friends have straight up said LeSean is responsible for this horrific attack — we believe them.

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