DDG Was Charged With Gun Possession And Reckless Driving Despite A District Attorney’s Past Decision

A Los Angeles city attorney has decided to pursue charges against “Elon Musk” rapper DDG that stemmed from his June arrest.

via: Uproxx

After claiming that he was cleared of gun possession charges stemming from a June traffic stop for speeding, DDG has been charged with two counts of firearm possession (carrying a loaded weapon and carrying a concealed weapon) and one of reckless driving. They are all misdemeanor charges. If he’s convicted, he could spend a year in jail for each of the gun charges and/or 90 days for reckless driving, along with fines and penalties.

In June, DDG’s manager, Dimitri Hurt, told TMZ that new California gun laws allowed for concealed weapons and that the District Attorney had dropped the charges. However, it appears that Hurt was mistaken (or lying), or that the District Attorney’s office changed its collective mind about the charges. DDG was pulled over on June 7 for speeding in his Lamborghini on the way to a video shoot, when he told the officers he had a loaded 9mm in the car. He was arrested and posted $35,000 bail a few hours later.

The Pontiac, Michigan rapper has received increased attention over the past few months, in large part due to his public courtship of R&B singer/Disney princess, Halle Bailey. The pair recently appeared together in DDG’s video for “If I Want You,” his latest single.

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