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DC Young Fly Will ‘Spread Love’ During First Christmas After Jacky Oh’s Death

DC Young Fly is keeping the faith this festive season.

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The Wildin’ Out star told TMZ that he’s planning to “pray it up” with his three kids this Christmas, after their mother died of complications from cosmetic surgery in May.

“Making sure that the love is still in the air, you know what I’m saying, and know that everything’s going to be okay and knowing that as long as you have faith and as long as you keep going, you got determination and you stay God-fearing, you gonna be alright,” he shared. “Even through the pain and the agony, always be obedient.”

Following the death of Jacky Oh, the comedian faced another tragedy when he lost his sister in October.

DC Young Fly is also planning on giving back this year. The Atlanta native says he will distribute gift bags throughout his community.

“Yeah, I’m gonna do some gift bags. I always try to give back, especially in my neighborhood. Not saying that we less fortunate, it’s just, you want to continue to spread love and show people that you care and show people that there’s hope.”

Through his hardships, DC Young Fly was able to celebrate a personal achievement this year, appearing alongside Eddie Murphy in Prime Video’s Candy Cane Lane. He looks at the film role as a “blessing” amid his difficulties.

“It just let me know that God has his hands on me and as long as I continue to stay obedient and just stay focused, I’m gonna be alright. Even though I’m gonna have some hard days, I’m gonna have some way more good days.”

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