DaniLeigh Brings Up Her ‘Chocolate Man’ And ‘Dark-Skinned Friends’ In Another ‘Yellow Bone’ Apology [Video]

Singer DaniLeigh appears to be digging herself a deeper hole with another apology stemming from the “Yellow Bone” controversy.

via: Uproxx

Last week DaniLeigh sparked outrage for posting snippets of a new song called “Yellow Bone” to social media. See above for the gist of the song snippets and accompanying videos, but even without watching or listening most people can gather that the predominant issue of colorism is what fans and critics were disappointed about. DaniLeigh’s fellow musician, Chika, pointed out how careless Dani’s initial apology tweets were, saying she should know more about the subject and why her “haters” response wouldn’t sit well with a Black audience.

Well, today DaniLeigh did feel the need to make a second apology for the unreleased song and her reaction to criticism, except it’s unlikely this one will go over much better. In the apology she brought up how she’s dating DaBaby, who she calls a “chocolate man” and also references her “dark-skinned friends.” As even The New York Times itself has covered the “I have black friends” myth as a deflection tactic to excuse racist behavior, that is another thing she definitely could’ve researched first before deciding to publicly say.

She also notes that “brown skin women flaunt their skin all the time in music” following that observation up with “why can’t I talk about mine?” Again, this seems to miss the point that women with darker skin are disproportionately attacked and mistreated for it, making the reclamation a political act, whereas the term “yellow bone” does on some level promote colorism, by nature. It’s a good step that Dani wants to acknowledge her actions hurt people, hopefully she can educate herself on some of these matters next time before speaking on them further.

Colorism is one of the most pervasive frontiers of racism, yet it is often not discussed. If anything can come from this song, is that that conversation can be had now.

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