DaBaby Wins 2020 Miami Brawl Lawsuit After 5-Day Trial

Seems like DaBaby can’t lose when it comes to lawsuits. Nearly every time he’s in legal trouble, his defense team wins the battle. Now, they can rejoice over another victory.

via: Vibe

DaBaby’s 2020 lawsuit from a Miami street fight has finally been settled nearly three years later. After a five-day trial which concluded on Monday (Dec. 18), his legal team has come out on top, TMZ reports.

The North Carolina-native, nèe Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, and his entourage were originally accused of robbing and beating up concert promoter Kenneth Carey and another man. Amidst the brawl, the two men stated that they lost their personal items, including cash and a cellphone.

Initially, the fight began over a hosting gig that DaBaby was paid to do by the promoters. The parties disagreed with the amount he would be paid, leading to the fight that bystanders recorded on their phones.

Although prosecutors dismissed the initial criminal battery charge against the “Rockstar” rapper, the 30-year-old was still subjected to pay $6,000,000 in court fees, TMZ reports. On Monday the case was settled in DaBaby’s favor.

Baby’s legal representation, Drew Findling, shared with the outlet: “Along with our client, Jonathan Kirk (DaBaby), we are thrilled that this federal jury, after a five-day trial, came to the same conclusion that we have maintained for almost 3 years – that these plaintiffs were attempting to use the legal system to shake down Mr. Kirk.”

He added, “Mr. Kirk deserves all the credit in the world for not caving in to these plaintiffs’ cash demands and having the confidence in the facts and his legal team to take this to a jury trial for a complete and total victory!”

The “Suge” artist also has another lawsuit pending over his aforementioned 2020 smash-hit “Rockstar.” DaBaby was hit with the case this month by Florida producer JuJu Beatz who claimed DaBaby’s team took elements of his original beat, “Selena” to produce “Rockstar.”

According to RollingStone, JuJu Beatz said that he hasn’t received any compensation for the “unauthorized” use of musical composition. He also stated that he’s tried to settle the matter outside of litigation with “numerous attempts,” but has been unsuccessful, causing him to take it to court.

As of now, there are no other updates pertaining to this suit.

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