DaBaby Was Sued For Assault After Having A Music Video Shoot Shut Down

DaBaby’s legal issues continue. The owner of a Runyon Canyon, California vacation rental home, filed a lawsuit against DaBaby. The suit alleged the rapper stole his phone and assaulted him in December 2020.

via: Uproxx

DaBaby’s pugilistic reputation has again reared its head as Variety reports the pugnacious rapper is being sued for assault after having a music video shut down. The owner of a Runyon Canyon rental property tried to stop DaBaby from shooting a video and the rapper allegedly got rough, knocking out the owner’s tooth, spitting on him, and stealing his phone and some “valuable kitchenware.”

In the lawsuit, the owner, Gary Pagar, says DaBaby rented the property on the condition that it would be occupied by no more than 12 people in keeping with COVID-19 safety regulations. DaBaby — who has flouted COVID safety in the past — supposedly brought 40 people to shoot his music video. Pagar says that when he arrived to put the kibosh on the proceedings, someone pushed him to the ground, DaBaby sucker-punched him in the mouth, taunted him by tossing his phone back-and-forth, and threatened him not to call the police. When someone else called the police, Pagar says DaBaby and company fled the scene, taking his phone and the kitchenware with them.

He also says they only paid a portion of the rental bill and left behind thousands of dollars of damage, including destroying a security camera in the hopes of keeping their activities a secret. Oh, and Jake Paul is allegedly involved because of course Jake Paul would be involved. He’s said to have been sitting in a car with DaBaby when Pagar arrived.

DaBaby is currently battling multiple assault cases, including ones stemming from a driver he allegedly attacked in Las Vegas, a Los Angeles hotel employee he supposedly beat up for filming him, and a woman from a Tampa club he struck while blinded by a camera flash.

We are going to need DaBaby to learn to keep his hands to myself.

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