DaBaby Apologizes to the Woman He Hit, Says He Couldn't See And Wants to Make Things Right [Video]

DaBaby took to Instagram to publicly apologize to the woman he hit, suggesting he thought she was a he and couldn’t see because she was shining a light in his face.

In his video, he not only apologizes but offers to make things right with the woman both publicly and privately — whatever that means.

Earlier, it was reported that the woman told police that DaBaby hit her even though she wasn’t the person who hit him — it was the woman next to her.

When officers arrived, DaBaby and his crew were gone. Responding officers did not see any visible injuries on the victim and she refused EMS help when asked.

It’s unclear if she plans on pressing charges.

We look at it like this — if he was offering $10,000 to anyone with a clear video of the incident, he should break her off at least $15,000 and everyone should be able to put this behind them.


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