DaBaby Addresses Bowling Alley Fight Lawsuit, Seemingly Jokes He’s ‘Still Scared of That Situation’ [Video]

DaBaby’s career may never fully recover from his controversial statements on the Rolling Loud stage in Miami last year.

via: Complex

DaBaby has addressed the recently reported lawsuit stemming from a bowling alley fight involving him and DaniLeigh’s brother, saying in a new interview that he’s “still scared of that situation.”

During a 54-minute Breakfast Club interview on Monday, the Better Than You artist was asked (as seen around the 30:58 mark in the video above) about the suit.

“Yeah man, I don’t know how the world works today,” DaBaby said before seemingly joking that he was “scared” about the situation.

“I’m still scared of that situation now,” he said. “I heard it was gonna be rough for me so I don’t really speak on that. N***a might pop up downstairs.”

As previously reported, DaniLeigh’s brother—Brandon Bills—is said to have filed suit against DaBaby over the bowling alley fight, footage of which was widely shared on social media last month.

DaBaby appeared to joke that he has stayed away from the Los Angeles area for several months due to comments made by Bills. Asked around the 31:44 mark how the situation affects his and DaniLeigh’s daughter, the recent Donda 2 event guest explained his stance on this “unfortunate” aspect of recent developments.

“That’s unfortunate. … That ain’t the way we play, like, I ain’t fixing to play with nothing tied to … my kid. My side, we don’t rock like that. We don’t rock like that, at all,” he said.

Later, Charlamagne jokingly asked DaBaby if he wished he had on some Ye-style boots during the recent incident due to the slippery nature of the bowling alley. “I’d have had enough grip to run and get the fuck up out of there,” DaBaby responded.

Elsewhere in the interview, DaBaby again looked back on the criticism he received after making homophobic remarks at Rolling Loud last year, as well as spoke on how he felt about Dave Chappelle later referencing those comments in one of his Netflix stand-up specials.

“I appreciate the light that he shed on the situation and the cancel culture thing,” DaBaby said around the 29:39 mark. “But at the same time, you know, bringing up the other situation … Putting more context around it what have helped it. That’s all. But at the same time, I wasn’t mad at it at all, like, he’s a comedian. And at the same time, it’s brilliant.”

The Breakfast Club discussion also saw DaBaby speaking on his movie ambitions, his “respect” for Lizzo, and more. The full thing is available up top via YouTube.

On Monday, TMZ reported that the Los Angeles County District Attorney had rejected a gun case against DaBaby stemming from a January 2021 incident in Beverly Hills. Per the report, a “lack of evidence” resulted in the case being rejected. Complex has reached out to the D.A.’s office for additional comment.

As far as a case centered on the bowling alley fight, Monday’s report notes that whether such a thing moves forward remains to be seen.

In a statement shared with Complex last month, DaBaby’s lawyer, Drew Findling, argued that “any investigation” into the incident should “immediately end” due to the civil lawsuit filing.

“It is offensive that this alleged victim threatened and instigated violence and has now used this incident to make a quick money grab,” Findling said at the time. “The criminal justice system has a current massive buildup of cases due to the pandemic. Garbage like this has no place adding to the backlog and wasting law enforcement time and energy.”

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