D. Woods Says She Was Never Invited to Reunite with Danity Kane


Ex-Danity Kane member D. Woods says that she was never invited to reunite with Danity Kane, but would have loved to perform with them this past week at the House of Blues in Los Angeles.

According to TMZ:

Woods tells us she first heard about the groups reunion plans back in May — but not through the girls — instead she learned via TMZ … when we shot the girls meeting up with a new manager.

The 29-year old singer says none of the girls ever expressed any interest in a reunion after breaking up 5 years ago … and Woods was met with resistance every time she tried.

Woods isn’t quite sure why the girls want nothing to do with her … but says she’s happy they’re still having success with “the sound that I helped them create.”

D.’s side of the story is quite a bit different than the story the other ladies are telling. It’s also vastly different from the official statement D. Woods released to Us Weekly when asked about the reunion. She said:

“Much love to the ladies of DK!! They have decided to reunite and I, like our amazing fans, will be cheering them on,” the 28-year-old told Us in a statement.

“For the past couple of years, myself and the other DK members have been working on other projects individually, such as music, film, television, theater and philanthropy and I have recently signed on to several projects that will have me committed for the next year. My latest single “Gold Mine” is now available everywhere!”

“If the opportunity presents itself, I would definitely be open to recording and/or performing with Danity Kane again,” she continued. “I appreciate all the love and support of DK and myself. God bless!”

Hmmm….something isn’t quite right here.

UPDATE: The group’s most outspoken member, Aubrey O’Day took to Instagram and sent a subtle message. She posted the below message to Instagram along with the caption:

Do you spend your time takin interviews.. or do you work?

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 5.01.01 PM


UPDATE 2: D. Woods isn’t taking this shade lying down. She responded to Aubrey’s message:

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