Cop’s Wife Speaks Out About Woman in Viral Kissing Video: ‘You Can Rot in Hell B*tch’

The wife of a police officer seen in a viral video kissing a woman before taking her in the backseat of his police cruiser is speaking out — and she’s upset with the woman.

via Complex:

As reported earlier this week, a Maryland police department initially announced it had launched an investigation into the footage, which swiftly went viral after being shared to Instagram (@slumpedtl) and TikTok (@trapploss_). Shortly after the investigation was announced, the Prince George’s County Police Department provided an update stating the officer “has been identified” and is presently suspended.

Per regional outlet FOX 5 DC, the officer’s name is Francesco Marlett. In 2016, the outlet pointed out, Marlett was suspended after alleged physical violence against a three-year-old.

As the viral footage continued making the rounds this week, a woman who says she is married to the suspended officer has joined the news cycle. Per reports from TMZ and the New York Post, among others, Paula Marlett addressed the circumstances of the video on Facebook and TikTok. Furthermore, she provided an alleged name for the woman seen in the viral clip with her husband.

“Thank you everyone. Yes this is a very tough time for me and my kids,” the woman wrote in a TMZ-captured Facebook update. “As embarrassing and painful as this is please check in on us. We need the support the love and most of all the respect from the community and our families.”

Marlett added that she’s aware of “what’s been going on,” alleging it was in progress for several years, though she doesn’t intend to speak out about it further. She also closed out her initial statement with a “rot in hell” directed at the woman in question.

“Virginia’s husband left her ass a long time ago bc she cheated so she and my husband decided to do this behind my back for years,” Marlett wrote. “I’m not seeking anyone else’s input. I don’t need anyone’s opinion. My life is my life. I will make decisions according. I love you all. Except for you Virginia you can rot in hell bitch.”

The Facebook post in question was no longer searchable at the time of this writing, suggesting it had since been removed or set to private. Similarly, a TikTok account linked in reports to Marlett has also been taken private.

At the time of this writing, the most recent update on the ongoing controversy from the police department was that the officer had been suspended.

She’s mad at the wrong person.

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