Columbia University Pro-Palestine Protesters Take Over Campus Building [Video] |

Columbia University Pro-Palestine Protesters Take Over Campus Building [Video]

Pro-Palestine protesters who’ve been occupying Columbia University for weeks just took their cause to a whole new destructive level.

Protesters began occupying a central campus building at Columbia University in New York early Tuesday morning, one day after the school asked them to voluntarily disperse from an encampment set up in support of Palestinians.

Once inside, students chained and barricaded the doors.

Hours later, the university’s public safety department announced what amounts to a lockdown of the campus in Manhattan’s Morningside Heights, with access restricted to essential-service employees and students who live in residential halls on the campus.

“This building has now been liberated,” an Instagram account affiliated with the student group Columbia University Apartheid Divest announced as it posted an image of Hamilton Hall, echoing language used during a 1968 protest.

Columbia students protesting racism against Black people and the Vietnam War were occupying Hamilton Hall and other buildings exactly 56 years ago — on April 30, 1968 — when police violently cleared the campus. More than 700 people were arrested and almost 150 people were injured.

via: NPR

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