‘College GameDay’ Guest Picker Ashton Kutcher Got Hit With A ‘Take A Shower’ Chant By Iowa State Fans [Video]

Ashton Kutcher didn’t exactly get a warm welcome from Iowa State fans as they yelled “take a shower” at him.

via: Uproxx

College GameDay decided to divert from its usual formula of “alum of the home team or a country singer” for its guest picker on Saturday. With ESPN’s long-running pregame show headed to Ames for the Cy-Hawk Trophy showdown between Iowa and Iowa State, GameDay actually tabbed a well-documented Hawkeye, Ashton Kutcher, to pick the games.

Kutcher unsurprisingly picked Iowa to win the game, but before he antagonized the Cyclone-centric crowd with a pick everyone saw coming, the Iowa State faithful decided to get a joke off at his expense. Earlier this year, Kutcher got caught up in the wave of celebrities who revealed that they’re not particularly big fans of bathing all that frequently, and as a result, the fine folks in Ames decided to shower the former That 70’s Show star with “take a shower” chants.

It’s unclear of Kutcher heard them or not, but this was a pretty good bit of banter by Iowa State fans. But of course, the game will be decided on the field, and in what might be an ominous bit of news for the home team, GameDay‘s Lee Corso decided to don the Hawkeyes headgear this week.

The matchup between the ninth-ranked Cyclones and the No. 10 Hawkeyes kicks off at 4:30 p.m. EST on ABC.

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