Cleaned Up? Lamar Odom Shows Off Fresh Shave Before Meeting With Lakers [Photos]

Lamar Odom Lakers Lovebscott 2

Lamar Odom looks to be in great spirits.

He showed off his fresh shave — complete with trademark lucky star, before his meeting with the Lakers on Monday.

Lamar Odom Lakers Lovebscott

According to TMZ, Lamar met with Laker execs Monday afternoon to discuss terms of a possible return. Things have reportedly gone well, although nothing’s been signed.

On his Instagram, Lamar’s barber wrote, “Wish em the best of luck in his meeting wit the Lakers today.”

Is it just us, or does something seem a little — off? Just a month ago he was holed up in a crack house and now he’s preparing to play ball again? It definitely seems fishy.


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