Claudia Conway's Reveals Mom Kellyanne Conway Tested Positive for COVID-19, Kellyanne Confirms [Video]

Claudia Conway, daughter of White House advisor Kellyanne Conway, announced that her mother ls the latest Trump admin official to test positive for COVID-19.


Not long after Claudia went public with the news, Kellyanne herself took to social media to announce that she’s begun the quarantine process.

via TMZ:

Kellyanne was seated in a Bermuda Triangle of sorts at the Amy Coney Barrett announcement in the Rose Garden — smack in the middle of First Lady Melania Trump, Sen. Mike Lee and Notre Dame President John I. Jenkins. All 3 have tested positive.

Kellyanne tweeted she’s experiencing a “mild cough,” but her often outspoken daughter begs to differ. Shortly before KC announced she’d caught the coronavirus, Claudia Conway was giving Mom the business on TikTok.

She posted an image of herself looking annoyed with the caption, “my mom coughing all around the house after Trump tested positive for covid.”

Initially, it seemed like Claudia was just giving her mother crap, as she tends to do, but now … not so much.

Kellyanne is the 12th known person at the Judge Barrett event to contract the virus. It’s getting hot in DC.

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