Claudia Conway Apologizes for 'Uproar' Over Her TikTok Posts After Mom Kellyanne Pops Off, Says She's Taking a Break From Social Media [Video]

It looks like Kellyanne Conway finally had enough of her daughter Claudia telling all her (and the White House’s) business on TikTok.

via TMZ:

Claudia Conway captured a loud face-off she had with her mom on TikTok, which was briefly posted to her account. It shows Claudia facing the camera, when Kellyanne enters the room off-camera and scolds her for spreading what she calls lies about their COVID diagnoses.

Kellyanne drops an F-bomb while Claudia tries explaining she was just sharing her interpretation. Nice try, Claudia … but ma ain’t buying it, and seems pretty furious here. Especially once she realizes Claudia is recording the whole thing!

A written statement was posted to Claudia’s account — saying she was sorry for the “uproar” her TikTok posts have caused in recent days … going on to explain it wasn’t her intent to mislead and clarifying she had no special insight into Trump’s health.

Claudia further explained Kellyanne didn’t lie about testing positive — and announced she, Claudia, would be taking a break from social media while the family quarantines together.

Translation: Mom’s making me do damage control, and I’m grounded.

Well, so much for the 15-year-old trending every other night on Twitter and TikTok.


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