City Girls’ JT Told A Fan To ‘Stop Begging’ For Free Merch: ‘Don’t Ask Me For Sh*t You Won’t Ask A Man’ [Video]

JT isn’t one to give out freebies – and she made sure to drive that point home when a fan asked her for some free merch earlier this week.

via: Uproxx

“Stop begging,” JT told the fan and the audience, according to HipHopDX. “You know what I don’t like? When a motherf*cker scared to beg a man but they’ll get on here and beg me. Don’t ask me for sh*t you won’t ask a man for, baby. Don’t ask me for nothing you won’t ask a man for. If you ain’t got no courage to ask the man that you texting or talking to for anything… do not think you can ask me for it because I ain’t got it just like that man.”

“The thing is don’t ask me for nothing that you can’t ask that man,” she added. “How bout you ask that man to buy you some merch? When the site open back up, boom. There you go.”

Those who have since seen the video aren’t fully here for JT’s reaction either, with one user responding, “These new artists can’t perform for sh*t & go out their way to alienate fans.” Another added, “I’d say she too fine to be so corny.”

Check out a clip of JT’s merch advice above.

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