Ciara Drops Libel Suit Against Future


Ciara has dropped her libel suit against Future — and apparently it’s because her legal team realized she’s too successful to win.

via TMZ:

Ciara’s lawyer, Larry Stein, just filed legal docs dismissing the remaining libel claim she filed after her ex said some choice things about her, including, “This bitch got control problems.”

Problem is … to win a defamation lawsuit, you have to prove you’ve suffered financially, and Ciara is actually making more money now than before Future talked smack on her.

So she’s dropped the libel claim — the judge already dismissed a separate defamation claim — but the case isn’t over.

Russell Wilson’s wife is still suing Future for what’s called “false light” … alleging Future has made her look like someone she’s not. Proving false light does not require a showing she’s lost income. She could get money just for the heartache of it all.

Well, considering she just announced a new endorsement deal with Revlon — we can see how a judge would have a hard time proving her claim.

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